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If you're facing unexpected financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we're here to help you through it. Call 877-860-6020 and select option 3 to discuss flexible payment options and assistance programs available.

Stop Service

Enter your gas account information


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You can find your Southwest Gas account number near the top of your bill, under your service address.

We require business customers to provide a tax ID number when submitting an order to maintain your account security. If you use your social security number as your tax ID number, enter that instead.


Select a date to stop service

Stop Date:

We cannot schedule service requests more than thirty (30) days from today's date.


Enter your mail forwarding address

Enter the address to which you would like us to mail your closing gas bill. Your deposit will be applied to your closing bill.

If there's a credit on your account, we will send a check for the credit amount to your mail forwarding address.


Review and schedule order to stop gas service